The Role Of Fundamental And Technical Analysis In Forex Trading Strategies.

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Forex trading strategies are essential for making money in the FX market. With the daily trading volume of foreign exchange standing at over $3 trillion; currency trading is done in the most liquid market in the world, which is bigger than all the stock exchanges across the globe put together.

Keep in mind; it’s very easy to lose your money in the currency market if you haven’t set up a plan in the beginning.

Two of the most important tools you will use are; fundamental and technical analysis. When you look at a fundamental analysis you are able to predict the overall movement in the market. The technical approach provides forex trading strategies based upon short term currency trading. You will find that it has to do with historical pricing and the overall volume of the currency itself.

When you start planning your forex trading strategies you have to consider 3 schools of though. Some are totally against technical trading, they believe fundamental analysis is all you need, and others think that technical analysis is more realistic.

Both of them are partially right, because you should be taking advantage of them both. Today we want to show you a few examples that can help you understand why using each one can provide you with the necessary tools to be successful.

Utilizing Fundamental Analysis for Currency Trading Strategies

Did you know that the unemployment rate, fiscal deficit, inflation figures, and even the bank interest rate will have a bearing on the market as we know it today? A great example of this is if you’re trading the US dollar and Japanese Yen (USD/JPY). In this area; gold and crude oil will impact the overall price of the dollar.

Similarly, if the Japanese government were to find their exports suffering due to the price of their currency against the US dollar; they may push down the yen to make more money on their exports. All this information should be used when devising optimal forex trading strategies. Fortunately, economic data is usually released after prior intimation or at fixed intervals which give you enough time to chalk out a plan.

Utilizing Technical Analysis for Currency Trading

Making this a successful venture means you have to constantly watch charts when incorporating technical analysis. The best one to use is the Japanese candlestick chart, which is based on price movements. During this time you will want to look for entry and exit signals as well.

If you are a beginner in the currency trading market; start by analyzing the candle stick charts. Here you will see several distinctive patterns such as:

The Marabozu: This is a complete black or white candle with no shadows. A white candle signifies the continuation of a bearish trend or a bearish trend reversal while a complete black candle is indicative of a continuation of a bull run or a bullish trend reversal.

The Doji: This deals with a skinny candle that is set up as a single line. It helps you understand signals, especially when there are no buyers or sellers left. The reason for this is because the opening and closing price ends with a similar number. You will find that this can result in a trend reversal.

Another way is to look at the resistance and the support levels; the resistance is a level on the charts that the price of currency has jumped to but has not gone through while a support is a lower level on the chart that the price has plunged to but has not pierced. The theory holds that if the price goes through either the resistance or support levels; it will continue moving in that direction for some time before bouncing in the opposite direction.

What it comes down to is you don’t want to utilize only one indicator in your forex trading strategies. Instead you should use 2 or 3 of them so you have the best opportunity to be successful with your currency trading.

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