Is it Possible to Increase Your Forex Profits by Using a Simple Forex Trading System?

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Forex is probably a name you’re already familiar with. After all, Forex is one of the most rapidly growing ways a person can make trades, and it allows you to make those trades from just about anywhere. You can even trade in the Forex market from the convenience of your home, while you’re sitting comfortably in your coziest chair. Forex trading, or “foreign exchange trading,” is not the traditional type of trading in stocks or bonds. Instead, it involves trading in foreign currency pairs. It’s only recently that individuals have been able to make Forex trades. The foreign currency exchange market operates at an extremely fast pace, and before the Internet, it just wasn’t possible to manually place trades at the optimal times. The speed of the Internet, however, now makes foreign exchange trading a possibility for everyone.

Forex traders make sure they make profits by developing and using forex trading systems that help them buy in and get out of trades at the optimal times. The typical forex trading strategy combines both fundamental and technical analysis. The fundamental analysis evaluates the viability of a particular foreign currency’s country, including factors such as that country’s economic, social and political stability. A stable country will be more likely to have stable (and therefore valuable) currency, and the more stable a country is, the more stable (and valuable) its currency will probably be.

The technical analysis aspect of a forex trading system evaluates currency trends. One example involves determining how well a particular currency has performed in the past along with its predicted performance for the future. A forex trading system utilizes the fundamental and technical analysis to predict the future performance of a specific currency. This information can then be used to decide how much trust to place in a particular currency. That decision will in turn determine the trades you make.

There are also different systems within technical analysis, in particular. One particular Forex System that’s very simple and yet can give the maximum Forex Profit uses the “simple moving average” of a particular currency. It’s called the “three duck” system. With Duck Number 1, you look at the four hour time frame and see if the currency’s car prices are above or below the 60 “simple moving average,” or SMA. If it is already below 60, you may want to look to sell for a sell short. With Duck Number 2, you break it down further, and go down to the one-hour chart, a shorter timeframe than with “Duck 1.” If the current price is still below the 60 SMA then things are looking good for a sell short, “our ducks are getting in a row”, this is further confirmation that you should sell. Finally, with Duck Number 3, you break things down even further and look at the five-minute chart. What if the price drops below the 60 SMA? If prices go below the 60 SMA and for all three “ducks,” then you have a sell short signal.

Stop losses can also be an effective mechanism to determine when to sell. For instance, a positional trader would go for the high on the four hour chart. You can also use a fixed stop loss by setting a point of entry, such as 30 pips.

Whatever forex trading system you decide to use, make sure you understand the system completely and can use it to make quick decisions. You can also avoid making emotional trades by using a simple forex trading system that you completely understand and trust. Keeping your emotions out of your trading decisions is an essential part of being a successful trader. Don’t stay in a position hoping to increase your profits or recoup your losses when the forex trading strategy and analyses you use are indicating that you should get out.

Forex brokers will give you tools that will help you ease into Forex when you are first beginning. Take advantage of those tools, and start out slowly. In fact, practice Forex before you ever start trading with actual money. If you use one of the demo accounts that many Forex brokers provide, you can practice looking at currency trends, learn to place stop loss orders, learn when to get in and out of trades, and so on. When you’re ready to trade using real money, most Forex brokers will let you begin with very small amounts, sometimes as little as $10. This means you won’t be risking much when you start making actual trades. You won’t make much money, but you won’t lose much, either.

One final thing to remember: don’t ever trade with money you simply can’t afford to lose. When you use an effective forex trading system, you will be able to maximize your Forex profits, but there will also be times where you will lose. You must be prepared for that to happen, so only trade with money you can afford to lose. First, learn your way around the Forex market and learn how it operates. Then, make affordable trades. You’ll be much more comfortable with your trades and you’ll make more profits when you use a good forex trading strategy.

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