Forex Trading Strategy: CCI Breakout Strategy – Ideal For Part Time Traders!

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You must have used the Commodities Channel Index (CCI) as a trader. CCI is an oscillator that is often used by the traders to measure the strength of the market cycle and to predict when the current market cycle will end. This CCI Oscillator oscillates between two extreme values of +100 and -100. A value above +100 means the market is overbought and a value below -100 means that market is oversold!

When the value of CCI rises above -100, traders take it as a signal to buy. Similarly when the CCI oscillator value falls below +100, traders take it as a sell signal. Now, we will be using this information in conjunction with the usual support and resistance levels on daily chart in our Commodities Channel Index CCI Breakout Strategy!

Let’s suppose CCI Breakout takes place with its value rising above -100 or falling below +100. When this happens, the market usually tends to make a retracement before continuing with the breakout. We will be using this fact in our CCI Breakout strategy by placing an Entry Order at the Open Price of the Daily Candle that caused the breakout.

What this means is that the price action will make a retracement and in most cases your entry order will get filled on the following day. But in some cases, the momentum is strong enough for the price action to move forward for several days without making any pullback.

If this happens and your entry order doesn’t get filled for the next let’s say five trading days or the CCI oscillator again falls back to the overbought or the oversold condition, simply remove the entry order and wait for another trade. When using the CCI Breakout Strategy, you will get ample of hours before the entry order is filled by the market. You can utilize this time to think and plan your trade well using Fibonacci Ratios.

You can use this CCI Breakout to identify trend, counter trend as well as range trades. You will identify the take profit target with Fibonacci Retracement Levels in case of Counter Trend or Range Trades and with Fibonacci Extension Levels in case of Trend Trades. Place the stop below or above the immediate low or high set prior to the CCI Breakout. Only enter the trade if the risk to reward ratio is less than 1:3 otherwise skip.

You can fist practice this CCI Breakout Strategy on your demo account. This strategy is ideal for part time traders who do regular jobs and trade in the evenings or in their spare time. Good Luck!

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